Breakout Sessions: Set III, 2:30–3:30 p.m.

"Staying Relevant: Maintaining Your Brand's Relevance in the Face of Challenging Times"
Villa Room, Second Floor
In travel and hospitality communications, several tactics that have become almost second nature are starting to become outdated as innovations and cost-cutting programs become increasingly more accessible. With an eye on increasing return on investment, industry experts will offer insight into what does and doesn't work anymore, as well as when to drive business through emerging media and when to rely on more traditional tactics. You will learn:

"Pressure Pattern Productivity: Smaller Teams, Tighter Budgets, Bigger Demands"
Carranza Room, Second Floor
Everyone has aspirations of what they’d do with sky-high budgets and long lead times, but these days it’s all about doing more with less. Hear how lackluster went blockbuster when a team’s streamlined strategies and shoestring budgets pushed them to be more creative. In this session, you will learn where to:

"Deeper Conversations: Connecting Social Media to Your Business"
Zapata Room, Second Floor
The new PR 2.0 buzzword is apps, and for good reason. Creative and strategic use of applications by PR pros can score big with destinations. Today, consumers of all ages are actively seeking out relationships with brands and experiences with potential destinations before they even commit to a trip. Cities, as well as other hospitality-focused venues, aren’t missing a beat as they create enhanced consumer engagement prior to and during vacation time with apps. During this session, you will learn how to: