Breakout Sessions, 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

"Voices You Can Trust: Leveraging the Appropriate Spokesperson"
Carranza Room, Second Floor
Spokespeople have always been a given in the public relations industry. However, the pros also realize that the biggest names do not necessitate a successful promotion of a destination or brand. Hear case studies on how local faces brought depth, credibility, media interest and enhanced branding to destinations. In this session, you will learn:


(Repeat) "Web Analytics: The New Clip Report"
Zapata Room, Second Floor
No public relations campaign should begin without foundational research and benchmarking studies. Before you launch your next campaign, explore the research possibilities that will give it a solid foundation of measurable results, and without relying on the success of a lone clip report. During this session, you will learn how:


(Repeat) "Tools of the Trade: What’s the Buzz in 2011?"
Villa Room, Second Floor
Last year, location-based social media platforms, such as FourSquare, gained traction among users seeking to align their real-world footprints with their online traffic. The iPad provided magazines and newspapers an opportunity to reposition within an increasingly digital marketplace. Twitter continued to engage consumers and become an even greater part of travel public relations practitioners’ social media plans. So, what’s next? Join public relations practitioners to discuss the evolution of social media tools and which apps every should be in every hospitality communicator’s toolbox. You will learn: