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PRSA 2017 Corporate Communications Strategic Collaboration Conference

Nov. 8–9 | Chicago

Wednesday, Nov. 8 │ 2:15–3 p.m.

Crisis Communications: What Fresh Hell Is This?

Famed author and satirist Dorothy Parker coined the phrase, “What fresh hell is this?” While it’s not likely Parker was referring to corporate crises, the quote is more than fitting to the crisis communications function. Every day brings endless opportunities for corporate crises and attacks on an organization’s valuable reputation. The ability to collaborate with stakeholders, provide effective PR counsel and influence decisions is key to minimizing, or preventing, damage to the organization’s reputation. During this session, you will learn how crisis communications is managed at the world’s largest hotel company — where business is 24/7 in every corner of the world.

Specifically, this session will cover:
• the role of a crisis communications as strategic counsel.
• the importance of strategic partnerships with stakeholders.
• crisis communications plans – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
• post-crisis well-being.

Jeff Flaherty
, global communications + public affairs, Marriott International