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PRSA 2018 New Professionals Summit

Aug. 8 | New York City

Aug. 9, 2018 | 1:30–2:30 p.m.  | Session

Three Essential Cs of Public Relations Career Progression: Competence, Confidence and Clout

In public relations, most of us want our careers and life’s work not only to reward us for our contributions as professionals but also to help drive positive outcomes, change and progress — emblematic of our profession’s highest ethics and ideals.

So how do we evolve from the point of knowing that we know exactly what we’re doing . . . to that of other influential leaders knowing, respecting and trusting that we know exactly what we’re doing?

Only with that mutual acknowledgement can our contributions effect the highest and best outcomes. In this session, New Professionals will learn three key steps in their career’s progression: Competence, Confidence and Clout..


Mary Beth West, APR, Fellow PRSA, senior strategist, Fletcher PR

Mary Beth West, APR, Fellow PRSA served as co-founder of the New Professionals Section more than 15 years ago. She is a past national board member of PRSA and is a member of PRSSA’s National Hall of Fame. Based in Greater Knoxville, Tenn., Mary Beth recently sold her public relations firm and serves as a vocal advocate for organizational ethics and accountability, in service to strong value systems that reflect and advance organizations’ stated missions.