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PRSA 2018 New Professionals Summit

Aug. 8 | New York City

Aug. 9, 2018 | 11 a.m.–Noon | Panel

Navigating Workplace Issues and Sticky Situations

A new workplace can bring a variety of challenges with it, from ethical problems to managing colleagues to finding a work-life balance.

From professionals who have been there, learn best practices for navigating the occasional “sticky” situation and their recommendations on how to establish your best foot forward when the unexpected occurs.


Daniella Middleton, vice president, Development Counsellors International 
Audra Hession, managing director, G&S Business Communications
Simon Locke, CEO and founder, CommunicationsMatch
Nicole Doyle, vice president, human resources, Ketchum

Born and raised in New York City, Daniella Middleton’s professional and personal experiences can be drilled down to two words: digital traveler. She was drawn to the international travel industry soon after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brandeis University and quickly became a digital marketing enthusiast. Daniella began her career in destination marketing by managing the North American marketing and sales activities for a portfolio of international clients that included convention bureaus, convention centers, meeting venues and hotels. She has implemented more than 60 roadshows and sales events, developed strategies for entry into new markets and curated content for industry and corporate meetings. Prior to joining DCI, Daniella worked at a digital think tank and earned her MBA in marketing and strategy from NYU Stern School of Business.

Audra Hession, principal and managing director, leads the Corporate and Risk Management Practice of G&S Business Communications. With over 25 years of corporate communications and agency management experience, Audra has worked with global corporations and non-profits to develop strong narratives at crucial times of organizational change and risk. She serves as a trusted counselor to the C-Suite and has helped clients successfully navigate through mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and spin-offs, as well as crisis ranging from product recalls to lawsuits, employee fatalities and manufacturing incidents. Audra represents the agency on the global crisis communications team of its partner network, PROI Worldwide, and is an expert media relations trainer. Prior to G&S, she held communications positions at Exxon Company International and Revlon Corporation, where she was a member of the crisis communications training team and led employee engagement initiatives, respectively.

Simon Erskine Locke is the founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatchTM, an agency search, hiring, search consulting & resources platform. The Match.com of the communications industry, CommunicationsMatch helps companies find agencies, consultants and freelancers that match needs, and generates new business leads for communicators. Following the launch of its groundbreaking search engine with 5,000 listed firms and professionals, it has rolled out RFP, Crisis & Opinion Survey and Developer Search tools. Prior to founding the company, Locke held senior communications roles at Prudential Financial, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank in the U.S., Japan and Singapore. He has founded communications agencies and shares insights into communications, PR and behavior in articles for his company’s Insights Blog and industry publications. He has recorded close to 100 videos for the Communicators-to-Communicators 3-Minute Insights Video series on the CommunicationsMatch YouTube Channel. He is a member of the Foreign Press Association’s executive committee.  Follow him on Twitter @CommMatch, Facebook @CommunicationsMatch.

Nicole Doyle, vice president of Human Resources at Ketchum, has been a HR/talent professional working within the PR and advertising industries for over a decade. Her experience covers all facets of HR and talent, including employee relations, talent acquisition, change management and organizational development, learning and development, succession planning and more. Her favorite part of her job is counseling managers and leaders on ways to develop and nurture their talent. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications, with a concentration in public relations from the State University of New York at Fredonia.