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PRSA 2017 International Conference

The Spirit of Revolution: Communications in the 21st Century

Oct. 8–10 | Boston

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5:30–8:30 p.m.

Crisis Is Not Our Brand! It’s Our “Wheelhouse” — What Every PR Pro Must Know

JW Grand Ballroom 1

This full day of interactive crisis communication training will prepare you to lead and deploy communicators to handle the responsibilities required in a Joint Information Center. Whether a natural disaster or an unplanned event at a manufacturing plant, everything moves to the incident command model once state and/or federal agencies become involved in a situation. Learn what to do, how to plan, how to assess your organization’s readiness, and what would be expected of you and your team.

Lauri-Ellen Smith, APR
Senior Public Affairs/Public Relations Executive, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Joseph V. Trahan III, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA
Pesident/CEO, Trahan & Associates

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Diversity and Inclusion Mixer

White River Foyer

This dynamic event brings together diverse public relations pros and journalists from the Indianapolis area.

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