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PRSA 2017 International Conference

The Spirit of Revolution: Communications in the 21st Century

Oct. 8–10 | Boston

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Rethinking Reputation

Professional Development Workshop Set 1

In a day dominated by partisan bickering, declining societal standards and mistrust of authority,
no amount of paid communication or “messaging” can build and protect your brand and
reputation. It’s time to rethink how to build and protect your brand and reputation by earning the
good things others perceive and say about you and your organization. Join a lively discussion
that argues that reputation can only be built by standing up for what you stand for.


John Doorley, M.S., director, Mindful Reputation and co-author of the leading, peer-reviewed text, “Reputation Management”, New York University

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John Doorley is founding academic director and clinical assistant professor at New York University. Previously, until 2000, he was head of corporate communication at Merck & Co., Inc. He has been the chief speechwriter for CEOs of major firms, has co-authored one of the most successful texts on reputation (“Reputation Management”), and has copyrighted a process to help firms measure, analyze, monitor and manage their reputations. He developed and taught the world’s first undergraduate course in reputation management at Rutgers University in 2002 and the first such graduate course at NYU in 2012.