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BERKMAN is an award-winning and highly acclaimed public relations, new media, marketing and branding firm with more than 30 years of experience representing top-tier clients in the consumer electronics, hospitality, professional services and health industries.

Our vast experience and capabilities include comprehensive public/media relations campaigns, complete new media outreach, strategic marketing plans, media training programs, Web development, major special events planning and execution, thorough branding campaigns, trade show support and crisis communications.

At BERKMAN, we are senior PR strategists, blending world-class experience, insight and creativity with the intimate client service and 24/7 responsiveness that are hallmarks of our success.

We develop long-term dynamic partnerships with our clients that are business-driven and focused on meeting objectives. We work synergistically to support our clients' operational process and impact key performance indicators like sales, consumer attitudes and profitability. We believe PR is not an end unto itself but functions as a business development arm strategically aligned to achieve corporate goals and invigorate business.

By anticipating client needs and assembling the right teams to execute campaigns, we continually exceed expectations and positively impact the bottom line. We are engaged and highly motivated, which allows us to effectively leverage the power of media to elevate and separate our clients from competition.

BERKMAN: Engage, Energize, Elevate.

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