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Avoiding the Paid Social Marketing Trap

By Activating Owned & Earned Media

The pressure keeps rising to deliver results in social media when you run out of clever questions to ask your fans, it can be tempting to crank up ad spend to keep the numbers up, but this is a trap. The fans you buy aren't the fans who are going to engage to keep your numbers high.

Succeeding in social media starts with owning your message and setting up a steady rhythm of content that creates fertile ground for fans to interact. We'll start with the basics of strategic use of your owned marketing channels and how they lead into opportunities for earned media. Then, we'll dive deeply into the big, sometimes mysterious opportunities presented by Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm and Twitter's trending topics, and learn how to take advantage of them.

Rob Kischuk
is founder of Badgy, a social loyalty startup recently funded by Mark Cuban. Rob has spent the past 5 years in social media startups and the past 3 years in social games, where he served as executive producer of a social game with 1.25 million players. Rob is passionate about making the best social marketing tools available to all marketers.