Breakout Sessions: Set I

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“Legal and Ethical Issues as They Arise in Creating Your Social Media Policy”
This presentation presents the latest regulations and trends in practicing the art of social media compliance for Pharmaceutical companies. We will review findings from the FDA, HHS and DOJ and explore the safe havens for communication for pharmaceutical companies and their representatives.
Dr. Darshan Kulkarni, principal attorney, The Kulkarni Law Firm

Topics covered:

"Let’s Talk Cost: Changing Critical Public Perceptions with Disruptive Messaging"
With health care costs careening out of control, health insurance companies are easy targets to blame.  One insurance company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC), decided to ask the public to rethink its labeling of insurance companies as the main culprit for rising costs. Integrating PR, social media and goats (that’s right, goats) to shift public perceptions on health care costs.
Kelly Calabria, vice president, account director, Capstrat, Inc.
David Kochman, communications director, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

"Capitalizing on Communities in Your Network: The Power of Panels"
Turning an advisory group of professional stakeholders into something more than a rubber stamp can not only help revitalize your PR but also provide essential insights that can generate loyalty and engagement between the organization and its members. With the help of a professional panel of cardiologists, the American College of Cardiology found ways to turn research insights into innovative strategies that strengthened the inter-relationship between the organization and its stakeholders. This session will show you how to develop an effective panel and best leverage the insights.
Anne Rzeszut, MA, senior director, American College of Cardiology
Catherine Ort-Mabry, associate vice president, American College of Cardiology

You will: