"The New Face of PR: Tap the Power of Search Engines and Social Media"

Your Session ROI

  • Learn how Twitter can be your executives’ virtual business card.
  • See how Google+ can help build impressions and boost brand awareness.
  • Find out how Facebook’s Graph Search can enhance your public relations efforts.

Long gone are the days when public relations was restricted to what appeared in newspapers and on television. Today, people form impressions of companies based on what they’ve read on Twitter or found in search results. In this session, you’ll hone your public relations tactics to utilize the power of social media and search engines.

Opening Keynote Speaker:
Danny Sullivan is founding editor of Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. He began studying search engines and how they indexed Web pages in late 1995. Since then, he’s shared his insight through “A Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines,” The Wall Street Journal, “Nightline” and other media outlets. Connect with Danny on Twitter.