Social Business Track

"Can You Hear Me Now? Thriving in the Digital PR World"

Your Session ROI

  • Think beyond traditional communications to create events and build campaigns geared toward how people experience technology and receive information.
  • Use digital assets and technology to underscore an organization’s key messages and brand philosophy.
  • Leverage social media platforms to target key influencers and create an ongoing, interactive channel to nurture relationships.

Public relations leaders must create a credible online presence to become a meaningful contributor to digital conversations. Through case studies, explore the strategy behind using various digital assets in the public relations field, and how to measure their results. In this session, you’ll examine the infrastructure necessary to embark upon a comprehensive digital public relations strategy, including the integration of multiple functions, necessary skills, executive understanding and engagement, and the knowledge and resources to sustain a world-class program.

Laura Dunn
is a senior consultant for national media and public relations at Kaiser Permanente, where she is responsible for leading the media strategy surrounding the organization’s total health work and advertising efforts. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, Dunn worked at Porter Novelli. Connect with Laura on Twitter