HyperConnections Track

"Get Ahead of a Crisis: Leverage Social Media to Defuse Damaging Situations"

Your Session ROI

  • Learn to identify and execute a plan for a social media crisis.
  • See how to develop social media policies for employees and executives.
  • Find out how to leverage social media to defuse potential crises.

Today, one negative blog post or inappropriate image on Instagram can send a company’s reputation into a tailspin. But with advance preparation, you can respond to a potential crisis quickly and effectively in the digital space. Find out how to leverage social media platforms, including blog posts, to defuse a potentially damaging situation. Through real-life examples, you’ll learn what works in today’s online news and social media landscape.

Sandra Fathi
is president and founder of Affect. She has 20 years of experience helping companies achieve their communications goals on both the corporate and agency side. Connect with Sandra on Twitter.