Social Business Track

"What are They Thinking? Communicating With Global Millenials"

Your Session ROI

  • Discover the stories millenials are telling themselves about digital technology and its impacts.
  • Find out what millenials think about brands and branding practices.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with international millenials.

Around the world, millenials are beginning to make their mark as they enter the workplace and become avid consumers: of content, of products and services, and of ideas. And, of course, being digital natives and adept at social media, they are also avid producers of content and sharers of ideas. This session will take attendees beyond broad demographic research into the stories millenials from around the world are telling: about themselves, about digital technology and its role in their lives, and about their relationships with brands. With a better understanding of what they are thinking about these subjects, we can create the brand stories that will resonate with them, aiding our communications efforts.

Elizabeth Albrycht is a senior lecturer in digital marketing at the Paris School of Business and the Institut Supérieur de Communication (ISCOM) in Paris, France, at both the bachelor of business administration and master's levels. Over the past six years, she has met, taught and learned from millenials from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. She is co-chair of the PRSA 2013 Digital Impact Conference. Connect with Elizabeth on Twitter.