HyperConnections Track

"Augmented Reality: Connect and Engage Using New Touchstone Technology"

Your Session ROI

  • Gain brand traction through Augmented Reality, an emerging technology.
  • See how “touchstone technology” creates social, local and mobile experiences.
  • Learn how digital platforms engage audiences with relevant content.

Augmented Reality lets you overlay digital images and information on smartphone screens or computer monitors. But Augmented Reality is more than catchy 3-D graphics. Successful marketers use it to connect to people’s social networks and provide incentives for their purchases. In this session, you’ll learn how this technology layers mobile commerce, social networking and location-based advertising for consumers and brands.
Lynne Johnson is director of digital and social, brand strategy and marketing at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. She develops digital platforms to engage audiences with relevant content and community experiences for major media brands. Connect with Lynne on Twitter