HyperConnections Track

"Sustainable Communications: See How It Connects, Feeds and Aids Communities"

Your Session ROI

  • Find out how New York City and major corporations are using 3-D training models.
  • Learn how supply-chain technology builds partnerships to benefit society.
  • See how nonprofits are developing technology hubs with stakeholders.

Sustainability is more than a concept — sustainable communication improves society. In this session, you’ll learn how continuous network communications moves more than 50 million pounds of food monthly to more than 35,000 agencies. See how 3-D communication training models help New York City workers manage shelters. Find out how sustainable communications distributes $1.5 billion in aid annually for 65 million people worldwide, operating an NGO of only 55 employees and 55,000 partners.

Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D.
is a full professor of the Integrated Marketing Communications Department (IMC) and the Medill Graduate School, at Northwestern University. Connect with Clarke on Twitter.

Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D. is the president of Colorado-based Gronstedt Group, which helps global companies like GE Healthcare, Eli Lilly, United Healthcare, Deloitte, Dell, Avaya, American Eagle Outfitters, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Jamba Juice, and government clients like the City of New York, improve performance with innovative learning approaches. Connect with Anders on Twitter.


Andrew Boyarsky, MSM, PMP, is project director at City University of New York. During the past 12 years, Boyarsky has been involved in training and development, having started and run his own computer training company. Connect with Andrew on Twitter.


Scott McCallum is president and CEO of Aidmatrix Foundation. As former governor of Wisconsin, McCallum has more than 30 years of executive experience leading organizations in the private, nonprofit and government sectors.