HyperConnections Track

"Data-Driven Business Decisions: Improving Current and Prospective Work With Quantified Insights"

Your Session ROI

  • See how data-based insights boost business proposals — and results.
  • Discover untapped company strengths that can enhance productivity.
  • Learn to prioritize tasks that can deliver the most business impact.

Tools like SurveyMonkey make capturing and analyzing data for a brand’s business, customers and marketplace simpler and more cost-efficient. As a result, agencies can work more effectively with clients and deliver stronger pitches to prospects. In this session, you’ll learn how to use proprietary research for current clients and new business opportunities.

Brent Chudoba
is vice president and general manager at SurveyMonkey Audience and SurveyMonkey. Connect with Brent on Twitter.

Tracey Parry, APR is senior vice president and partner at Airfoil Public Relations. Connect with Tracey on Twitter.