HyperConnections Track

"Live From … Wherever: How Streaming Content Engages Audiences, Boosts Business"

Your Session ROI

  • Learn how to use and measure live streaming on the Web.
  • Find out what content should be streamed live — and what shouldn’t.
  • Get tactics for defining your success so you can share it with your boss.

Are you doing all you can to harness immediacy and interaction with a totally engaged audience? Live streaming is an affordable alternative to live TV for getting an immediate message to your brand’s audience. In this session, you’ll learn the basics, from what tools you’ll need to stream content to what measurement tactics will help you define your success. Hint: They’re different from traditional public relations tactics.

Jim Ethridge is director of digital services at KEF Media, a company that specializes in digital and broadcast public relations. Connect with Jim on Twitter.