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PRSA 2018 Counselors Academy Conference

May 6–8 | Toronto

Monday, May 2 | 8:30–10 a.m. | Opening Keynote Breakfast 

“Think Differently: The Biggest Barrier to Innovation Is Our Own Expertise”

Duncan Wardle (photo)

Have you ever found yourself saying, "We tried that last year” or “I don’t have time to think?” How about pitching an idea only to see it diluted and killed? Perhaps ordering the same drink at Starbucks on each visit, or even working on the wrong challenge?

In this interactive keynote, Duncan Wardle, vice president of Disney’s Creative Inc., will explore the myths around creativity and innovation, providing the audience with some tangible innovation tools and creative behaviors they can use to help get out of their own “River of Expertise” and think differently.

As vice president of Creative Inc., Duncan Wardle works with his team across all Disney corporate divisions as “creative ideation consultants” and “cultural change agents.” In this capacity, the team designs engaging, collaborative ideation forums that capture unlikely connections and lead to fresh thinking and revolutionary ideas.

Prior to heading up Creative Inc., Wardle was vice president of global PR and social media for Disney Parks around the world. Over the past two decades he has served in an executive role for the Walt Disney Company in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and most recently, Shanghai. He is based in Orlando, Florida, where he lives with his wife Beatriz and two children, Adriana and James.