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PRSA 2017 Counselors Academy Conference

Sleepless in Seattle: 60 Hours of Collaboration and Insight to Wake up Your Agency

May 7–9 | Seattle

Monday, May 2 | 2:15–3:15 p.m. | Breakout Sessions: Set III

“The Cobbler’s Kids Have Old Shoes: Lessons From a Rebranding Campaign”

At Curley Company, the website was tired, collateral was dated, proposal templates were cumbersome and business cards were much maligned. Worst of all, after 13 years in business, the leadership didn’t know what kind of PR firm they wanted to be. That was, of course, until they decided to make a turnaround. Learn lessons from the company’s rebranding campaign that helped transform the business from dismal to delightful.


Jennifer Curley, president and CEO, Curley Company

Greg Wilson, senior vice president and creative director, Curley Company