2013 PRSA Counselors Academy Conference
Get Weird in Austin
Wired, Entrepreneurial, Imaginative and Results - Driven

A special thanks to all of our presenters. Speakers who have made their presentations available are listed below.

Opening Keynote Session

"Telling the SXSW Interactive Story"
Speaker: Hugh Forrest, Director, South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) 
Presentation not available

Breakout Sessions - Set I  

"Activating Agency Ideas in Mobile for Expanded Profit"
Speaker: Urvi Bhandari, Director, industry solutions practice at AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions
Presentation not available

"Anatomy of a Crisis and the Impact of Social Media: Lessons from Aurora"
Speaker: Tracy Weise, President, Weise Communication
Presentation not available

"Building the Best Place to Work/Rethinking Performance Reviews to Help Your Business and People Grow"
Speakers: Starr Baker, APR, CEO, Ink Public Relations
                Kelly Womer, APR, ABC, President, Linehart Public Relations 
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"52N's Five Minutes to Inspire" 
Speakers: Abbie S. Fink, Vice President and General Manager, HMA Public Relations
                Roger M. Friedensen, APR, Principal and Owner, Forge Communications.
                Darryl Salerno, President, Second Quadrant Solutions, Inc. 
                Martin Waxman, Principal, Martin Waxman Communications
                Bret Werner, Managing Partner, Catalyst Public Relations
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Breakout Sessions - Set II

"Beyond Content is King: Monetizing Digital Content and Social Connectivity"
Speaker: Bryan Scanlon, President, Schwartz MSL
Presentation not available

"How to Become a PR Technologist"
Speaker: Lisa Gerber, Founder, Big Leap Creative Integrated Communications
Presentation not available

"Managing a PR Agency as a Business"
Speaker: Daryl Salerno, President, Second Quadrant Solutions, Inc. 
Presentation not available 

General Session

"Travelocity's Roaming Gnome is All Roses"
Speaker: Bradley E. Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, Travelocity
Presentation not available


"The Smart, The Dumb (Or Dumb Luck) and The Colossal: Agency Decisions That Fired Up or Backfired — LIVE and UNCENSORED"
Panelists: Scott W. Allison, CEO, Allison+Partners. 
               Dana Hughens, CEO, Clairemont Communications
               Steve Cody, Managing Partner and Co-founder, Peppercomm. 
               Mike Neumeier, APR, Principal, Arketi Group.         
               Chuck Norman, APR, Owner and Principal, S&A Cherokee.
Moderator: Matthew Schwartz, Group Editor, PR News
Presentation not available

Breakout Sessions - Set III

"Transforming your Agency: How Change Inspires Creativity"
Speaker:Indra Gardiner, Founder/Chief Influence Officer, i.d.e.a 
Presentation not available

"Seperating the Clout from the Klout: Who Has Real Influence?"
Speaker: Chuck Tanowitz, Principal, Fresh Ground, Inc.
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"The Path to Profitability/Growing Your Agency Organically: Tips, Tools and Tactics"
Speakers: Ken Jacobs, Principal, Jacobs Communications Consulting
                George Rosenberg, Principal, The Rosenberg Group, Inc.
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Breakout Sessions - Set IV

"Stop Selling, Start Attracting: Get Clients You Want via Attraction Marketing"
Speaker: Eric Morgenstern, President an CEO, Morningstar Communications
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"Inside-Out Agency Marketing: Driving Your Business Through Content"
Speaker: Daniel Lemin, Consultant, Social Studio
Presentation not available

"The Ferrari Factor: Breakthrough Success, Predictable Failure, Unrewarding Mediocrity"
Speaker: Rick Gould, CPA, J.D, Managing Partner, StevensGouldPincus
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Lessons Over Lunch

"How to Prepare to Be the PR Firm of the Future"
Speakers: David Anderson, President and CEO, Off Madison Ave 
                Elise Mitchell, APR, Fellow PRSA, President and CEO, Mitchell Communications.
                Ed Moed, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Peppercomm.
Moderator: Michael Lasky, Partner at Davis & Gilbert LLP.
Presentation not available

General Session

"The LIVESTRONG Foundation Lives On"
Speakers: Katherine McLane, Vice President of communications & external affairs, LIVESTRONG Foundation. 
                Rae Bazzarre, Director of communications & external affairs, LIVESTRONG Foundation. 
                Adam Winkler, Sportscaster, KEYE TV
Presentation not available

Closing Keynote

"Building a Social Business: New Opportunities and Challenges for Communications Teams"
Speaker: Richard Binhammer, Strategic Corporate Communications, Social Media and Corporate Reputation Manager
Presentation not available