Keynote Session: 12:30 - 2:00 p.m.

Candy Chang, PRSA 2012 Counselors Academy Spring Conference speakerStickers, Stencils, Chalkboards, and Beyond: Communicating Creatively in Public Space
Combining urban planning, street art, and graphic design, Candy Chang transforms simple objects like stickers, stencils, and chalkboards into powerful tools that spark conversations in public spaces around the world. In her talks, she poses new strategies for civic life and inspires you to think differently about how you approach your own work. Through personal stories from her childhood to the present, she illustrates how seemingly disparate experiences in countries from Kazakhstan to South Africa to Finland have come together to incite new perspectives and form a coherent philosophy. Carefully crafted for each audience and cultivated from her own evolving questions, Candy's provocative and intimate talks explore the power of personal introspection in public space and what we can learn from our collective wisdom.
Speaker: Candy Chang, artist, designer, and urban planner