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Session II
May 15, 11:15–Noon

"Examining Research and Measurement Ethics in Today’s Transparent World: Establishing Standards for Today’s Communications"

This session will explore the latest thoughts in research and measurement ethics. Don Stacks, Ph.D., chair, IPR Commission on Measurement, will report on a study conducted on the ethical principles and values held by top measurement and research firms and academia. In addition, he will introduce recommended ethics standards, principles and values. By attending, you will:

Don W. Stacks, Ph.D., is professor of public relations/corporate communication, University of Miami and chair, IPR Commission on Measurement, Institute for Public Relations Research. Dr. Stacks served as the University’s program director from 1995 to 2009, where he took the program into the top 25 undergraduate and top 15 graduate public relations programs in the United States. He serves on the editorial boards of most premier communication and public relations journals, and directs the annual International Public Relations Research Conference. Dr. Stacks also serves as trustee for the Institute for Public Relations, is on the boards of the International Public Relations Association and the Commission on Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation, and served for 10 years on the Commission on Public Relations Education’s board.