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PRSA Employee Communications Connect 18 Conference

May 16–18 | Nashville, Tenn.

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Embracing the Mobile Revolution in Employee Communications

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As employees are increasingly permitted to work remotely, are dispersed and not beholden to a desk, internal communications professionals are struggling to find solutions to communications problems. One solution may be found in the employees’ pocket, purse or briefcase: the mobile device. Jeff Corbin, founder, theCOMMSapp, shares how companies have successfully implemented mobile communications strategies to more effectively and efficiently deliver vital information to their employees. Mobile technology and mobile apps provide a new home-run solution to connect with and engage employees.

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Jeff Corbin, founder and CEO, APPrise Mobile

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As a public and investor relations consultant for the past 15 years, Corbin is pioneering the use of technology in the communications industry as the founder of APPrise Mobile™, a family of communications app building solutions that includes theIRapp®, for public companies to push information to their investors; theEMPLOYEEapp®, for secure employee communications; theCOMMSapp™, for external communications; and theCONFERENCEapp™, for investor, analyst and other conference and event communications. Corbin also serves as the CEO of KCSA Strategic Communications, and has consulted with hundreds of private organizations as well as NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies.